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Royal Reporter

The person doesn't say who or what the source of this is, so I am calling it a rumor

Nick ex boss Dr. Rebert is involved in the 'side business' thing, and Nick is familiar with Rawlings because he was connected to Rebert, the cargo business involve in the trade of stolen and fake prescription drugs and a new designer drug called Silk? And the girls are just the delivery system and in prostitutes in human trafficing that rebert is involved in with the DiMeras.

Dr. Rebert is into human experimentation with subjects who are, shall we say, less than willing participants. So the girls like Ilsa are used as bait to lure Rebert's future subjects?

In August Rebert orders Jeremy to kidnap Chelsea and bring her to an abandoned warehouse in vegas but Stephanie is on to him and follows them, but she gets into trouble when rowlings catches her stomping around the warehouse.

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