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Jul 30 2007, 05:40 PM
Yeah Trevor is all right and I actually like him more after reading the NBC liveblog with him and Marcus Patrick (interestingly the one who plays Jett came off as the huge, cocky asshole while the one who plays Jeremy was the humble guy), but what was the point of making Jeremy so evil in the first place if he's not going to stay bad? I don't get it. I didn't get it when they tried to make EJ into a one-dimensional cartoonish villain and when I saw the casting tidbits about them wanting an EJ-like guy in Jeremy I worried they'd make the same exact mistake with Jeremy and they have. Except Trevor Donovan doesn't have the same level of fan support, acting chops or reservoir of goodwill for the character that James Scott had when they wrote EJ as more of a sexy man of mystery and fun scoundrel in the months before they busted out the all out evil. With Jeremy it was like plunging face first into douchebag territority so that I personally will find it hard to care about this character EVER. It's just so stupid because they wouldn't have to waste our time with this boring redemption crap if they simply had the skill and/or desire to write characters with shades of grey the entire time. UGH!

But in any event... why are they only releasing text message spoilers about 2 characters who haven't been on the show a year? I want to know what's going to happen in the feud dammit - the part of the show that doesn't put me to sleep.

Like the CDN TV Guide spoilers, these spoilers hardly ever include the vets or the Dimera's. It's weird but they don't. I am glad they don't. I would rather most of that story come as a surprise.

I agree that the show needs an all out bad villain but it should not be Jeremy. Jeremy is a Horton and a character that many fans longed to see and were disappointed when the show went this route with him. Redemption may help big time with the Jeremy issue. Donovan is doing much better and the haircut only makes him much more improved. Part of me still wants a recast though.

The show does need to add a villain that is not going to redeemed or softened. Whether it's someone new or a returnee, it is needed.
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