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I was so worried about Julie as it was a given KA would sign. The only thing that gave me hope was JP is a team player and loves the show so part of me knew she would take a pay cut with no issue. She also never complains so those were points in her favor. Also, Billie is Chelsea's mother and Hogan did write alot for her earlier this year. I hope her story is good. She's earned it. Same goes for KA. She never complains, even when she is backburnered, and I think the reason why we are hearing she has re-upped just now is because she took a cut. Last year, so many of the contract renewals were reported late so I think they are asking everyone to take cuts, which is fine. I think mostly everyone will. PR is up for renewal next and no doubt he will take a cut and stay.

The spoilers sound great. Good to see Billie and Kate involved. The Lucas/Kate stuff is very vague but seems interesting.

I knew Kayla and Steve were going to somehow end up with Philip's child. The hints were there. I hope they get Victor involved in this because the history between Victor and Steve/Kayla would be HUGE here. There is going to be alot of babies around, which sets up yet another future teen scene that I hope we don't see for a long time.

Very good news all around. Once again, Days is giving us a great August after just a "good" July (which was like a minor sweeps month, something Days never seems invested in :lol: )
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