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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I'm all for EJ getting his edge back and someone being nasty to Kate, but if they really did decide to make EJ evil all over again WOWOWOWOWOWOW did they waste our time for the past two and a half months building up his redemption (although I'm sure some of you feel they have anyway whether they were to make EJ evil again or not).

The thing is based on the other spoilers I don't think we are getting evil EJ back because Thaao said it's Andre who Lucas had the run in with and there's also the spoiler that Sami and EJ rescue Lucas in the nick of time.

So I'm thinking maybe Andre uses this to set EJ up? Maybe independently or in cahoots with Kate/Stefano?

In any event, I'm very much looking forward to Friday's ep and the Kate confrontation regardless of how it plays out.
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