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Aug 1 2007, 12:37 PM
As The World Turns
This one is unpopular too, esp. since I love Grayson McCouch but I want Brian Bloom back in the role of Dusty. He will always be Dusty to me.

One Life To Live
I don't like most of the characters on the show right now, so this one has been a hard one. The only big change that I can think of that should be made but should have been made long ago. And that is that Michael Easton should have been Todd instead of John. He should have been forced to take the role of Todd instead of getting a new character. I think the show would have been a lot better. I think I could have dealt with Easton as Todd - a character I know rather than the show being dominated by a character I care nothing for and don't know.

IA about Brian Bloom as Dusty. He was my first soap crush and will always be Dusty to me.

I don't know if Michael Easton could have pulled off being Todd. I don't think he and Kassie DePaiva have the chemistry to make Todd and Blair work. I do think the role would be more of a challenge for him, since he doesn't get to show much range as John, but in the long run I don't know if it would have worked.

My recast on the Young & Restless. They need to get rid of Kristal Khalil. I don't think she's a very strong actress. I liked Davetta she was spunkier and had more of the characteristics of Dru. She was more believable as Dru/Neil's daughther. Kirstal's version is too whiny.

IA with you about Ron Moss. He's never been a strong actor and I have to believe he's been getting by on his looks all these years. I cringe whenever he has emotional scenes because he has a hard time pulling it off. He comes off stiff and laughable.

My recast for One Life to Live Christina Chambers. She drives me nuts with her pausing and ticks. She does this weird cry/smile thing and she comes off weak. They should have waited until Susan Haskell was available.

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