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Llanview residents are shocked by the news of Asa's death, with Bo taking it especially hard.

Hearing Marcie say she'd do anything to protect her son, John wonders if she killed Spencer, and Marcie becomes aware of his suspicion.

Michael warns John they will no longer be brothers if he reveals the truth about Tommy's background.

With Antonio clueless about her true feelings, Talia makes up a fake boyfriend when he asks about her love life.

Markko resists the opportunity to have sex with Langston, aware she's using it to cover her real problems.

The Week of August 20th

John comes to a shocking conclusion.

Casting/Extra Scoops

The 10,000th episode to air on Friday, August 17, will honor the life of Asa Buchanan, featuring current cast members as well as former viewer favorites, including Nathan Fillion (Joey), Dan Gauthier (Kevin), John Loprieno (Cord), James DePaiva (Max) and Tonja Walker (Alex).

Hunt Block (ex-Craig, ATWT) has landed a recurring role as Lee Ramsey, an FBI agent who has a history with John. His first air date is Thursday, October 18.

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