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Days of Our Lives' Phillip heads to Indianapolis in search of his son this week, after receiving a picture of a baby and a note claiming the child is his.

"At first, Phillip doesn't believe it. He thinks someone is messing with his head," says Jay Kenneth Johnson (Phillip) pointing out, "Phillip hasn't even been with anybody since he was married to Belle."

When Phillip shows Billie the baby's photo, she has it blown up and notices a prescription bottle for "Tyler Kiriakis." She uses her contacts to track down the attached address and phone number. "Phillip wants to get to the bottom of this," declares Johnson. "He calls the number, tells the woman who answers who he is. He says he is coming to see her with a detective."

Before leaving, Phillip fills in Shawn and Belle, prompting Belle to ask Shawn if he was in Indianapolis over the 4th of July. Shawn denies it but then Lauren confronts Shawn and begs him to act as a go-between to give Phillip his son.

Elsewhere, Phillip and Billie break into Lauren's Indy digs. "Nobody is there," says Johnson, noting that Phillip and Billie find a gym membership with a photo on it. Phillip is shocked to see it's Lauren, the surrogate."

And then everything falls into place. "Phillip concludes that Shawn is trying to keep him distracted and away from Belle by stirring things up with Lauren," explains Johnson. "It's a lot of information for Phillip to process, but if this is his child, he wants to take care of him. He wants him to carry on his name."

Back in Salem, Shawn confesses his part in the baby business to Belle, but swears he had no part in harassing Phillip. Belle insists they come clean, but it might be too late. "Phillip isn't going to be happy that Shawn kept this from him," says Johnson. "For somebody who calls himself your friend, this is something you might want to let them know."

Ya think?
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