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Week of 8/6

Maddie/Luke/Noah go swimming at Snyder Pond. Maddie gets called away, leaving the boys alone. Later, Noah helps Luke towel off. However, before things can go further (which I'm sure Luke would like), Maddie comes back.

Trying to convice an Idahoian motel manager that he and Carly are a couple and need a room, Jack startles Carly by pulling her into a scorching hot make-out session.

Katie becomes distracted. Brad helps her take her mind off of worrying about Jack, J.J., and Carly.

Lily fears the worst is yet to come in her marriage.

Meg is up for a challenge.

Week of 8/13

Paul goes to see Rosanna. He poses as Craig. Rosanna squeezes Paul's hand while he thanks her for giving him courage to wake up (in his dream). The nurse assures him that it's just a flinch and that's normal for coma patients. However, as soon as he leaves, Rosanna opens her eyes, mutters "Paul", and slips back into her coma. The doctors ask "Craig" for authorization to give Rosanna a new experimental drug. They do, and Rosanna wakes up and smiles at Paul. The doctors ask "Craig" not to get too hopeful because she might slip back under. Rosanna then asks a stunned Paul to tell Jennifer what Craig did, forcing Paul to control his emotions and clue her in. Rosanna, being the firecracker she is, insists she get back home to see her family and confront Craig, but she has trouble walking.

Silas leaves Jack to die in a cabin rigged with a bomb. Carly heroically saves Jack from the cabin before the bomb goes off (leaving the cabin in scorching bits) and then saves J.J. from quicksand, but in the process, falls in herself.

Dusty breaks up a business meeting between Lily and Cheri and outs Cheri for what she is. Cheri vows to get Dusty where it hurts...Alison.

While Aaron protects Sofie from abusive boyfriend Cole, he also learns Sofie's pregnant and viewers learn that Iris has a son and Gwen has a brother.....Cole!

Craig continues to deny his involvement in Rosanna's accident to a very curious Meg.

Noah's dad comes to town and is thrilled when he learns Noah has a girlfriend in Maddie. Little does he know that there is a growing, suppressed bond between his son and Luke.
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