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ONE LIFE TO LIVE: John realizes that Tommy is Todd's thought-to-be-dead son. Natalie convinces her mother to let Miles move into the carriage house at Llanfair. Hunter accosts Sarah. Cristian gets the drop on Hunter, and the two men struggle over the knife. Hunter is stabbed, as he and Cristian fight for the weapon. Cristian is unable to stop Hunter from bleeding to death, as a horrified Sarah looks on. Dorian is terrified after receiving a postcard from David. David has taken a menial job at a Caribbean resort. Sarah is shocked that Cristian risked his own life to save hers. Hunter's death severely weakens the case against Miles. Vincent and Layla make love for the first time. Cole visits Marty before her arraignment. John and Cole both argue for Marty to plead not guilty, but she seems intent on taking the blame for killing Spencer. Tate shows no remorse for his crimes, as he enters a guilty plea. Antonio wants to sever all ties with Nash and Jessica, and gives Nash 30 days to buy him out of the vineyard.

SNEAK PEEK: Asa's family mourns.
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