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YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Phyllis realizes that Nick believes she is guilty. Devon psyches himself up to tell Lily he loves her. Jana informs Kevin that she isn't getting the operation to remove the tumor because it is no longer life-threatening. She tells him that because she doesn't have insurance to cover the medical costs, the hospital sees no reason to spend the money. Kevin wonders if the tumor made her kill Carmen. Kevin plans to sell Crimson Lights and use the money to pay for Jana's surgery. Kay informs Jill that Ji Min is only after her fortune, but Jill doesn't want to hear it. Later, Kay finds Jill and tells her that she has cut her out of her will. After making love to Amber, Cane immediately gets dressed and tells Amber to get out, stating he was only using her the way she used him. A devastated Amber breaks down, Jack learns from Nick that he and Sharon were planning to travel to Clear Springs for a photo shoot. Jack confronts Sharon about not telling him, and Sharon says it was because the plans fell through.

SNEAK PEEK: The verdict is in.
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