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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: In the past, Colleen tends to Santo's wound and the sexual tension leads to a kiss. Colleen pulls away, asking him to drop the show and reveal his true feelings. In Italian, Santo says he loves her. Sami declares that fate was controlling Colleen's destiny. Lucas muses that maybe Sami and E.J. are fated to be together, since they bear a striking resemblance to their ancestors. Sami vehemently declares she and Lucas are meant to be. Kate asks Stefano for money while she's being investigated by the SEC. First, Stefano gives her the money. Then, they go off to have sex. Nick quizzes Stephanie about Jeremy, and she genuinely doesn't know about Jeremy's illegal dealings. Stephanie alerts Jeremy to what Nick told her. Belle informs Shawn she wants to go back to college to get a nursing degree and her parents will pay for school. Abe expresses his love for Lexie, and the two reconcile. Lauren, the surrogate who was carrying Philip and Mimi's child, confronts Shawn. She gave birth to Philip's baby and now wants Shawn to give the infant to him.

SNEAK PEEK: Philip wants his son.
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