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Aug 3 2007, 09:30 AM
Aug 3 2007, 12:33 AM
LOL. Mine's obvi! JER.

I always get confused with that lol. I know you used to be a huge JER fan, but then you started hating him. And now I see you give him and Passions compliments sometimes. Do you love him or hate him? lol

I think you can have a very love/hate relationship with Reilly, especially if your soap opera watching began with his tenure at DAYS from 1992-1997(and I suspect many younger soap fans on these boards today can attribute that to him). I used to, no lie, really look up to the guy as some sort of soap opera superhero who was the best writer ever. But then again, I was 12 and reading Soap Opera Digest and watching DAYS every single day.

I really HATE Reilly for PASSIONS and the way he drove DAYS into the ground his second time around, but DAYS in the 90's was fierce and unstoppable and Reilly was the big reason for that. It's funny...I really can't stand PASSIONS, but I have no problem watching old clips of the Possession or old videotapes featuring his writing where things were constantly stalled. The Sami Reveal of 96(something I have on tape) was just fantastic from beginning to end. Soaps were just SO alive back then. They were such an event. Or at least for me they were. Now I'm lucky to even bother remembering that I taped B&B.

But I digress...Reilly is a talented force. He just needs someone telling him whether or not his ideas are too far out there.
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