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We've gotten into this a little in other threads about how several people complain that Sami is too heavily featured on DAYS and that every soap seems to have a problem with focusing on one or two characters. Which characters that are always front and center do you like the best?

For me, on AMC, I love Kendall. I have since McTavish first brought her back in 2002. She's like Pine Valley's own Sami Brady.

On ATWT, I'm a huge Gwen and Carly fan...put those two in any story doing anything, and I'll watch.

On B&B, I can't enjoy an episode without Stephanie.

On DAYS, well...no comment.

On GH, I'm in LOVE with Carly. I love everything she says. :lol: ...same goes for Sam. I also don't mind seeing Sonny and Jason everyday.

On Passions, I don't love her, but I don't mind Theresa. And Sheridan's not really an air-hog now, but I've always loved her so it didn't bother me when she was and it wouldn't bother me if she was again...hopefully she will be if she ever returned to her "lead heroine" status.

On Y&R, I love to hate Amber...she doesn't bother me at all. Well, she does...but in a good way. If that makes sense. I also love Phyllis.

So, I guess TPTB have sucked me in to liking what they dish out. :lol:
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