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Steve Frame
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Well it is no surprise here but I don't like any of the screen time hogs anymore. Many of them used to be my favorite characters but as the old saying goes "there is such a thing as too much"

Writers should remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder and forget the old saying of "Too much is not enough"

No character - no matter who they are - should ever be on a show for 4 or 5 days a week. Unless their story is at a big peak or finale - this is the only time a character should be on that much.

The writers today have made me absolutely hate characters I once loved. Sami has always been a fave and now I hate her. Katie on ATWT used to be a big fave along with Carly and Gwen and now I detest seeing them. And Kendall I won't even go there with her. I am so over her.

Some of it is resentment that they are on all the time, but most of it is the fact that they are just on way too much and are the be all and end all of the show.

Even Doug & Julie (Days) and Steve & Alice (AW) and even Luke & Laura (GH) at their biggest popularity were never on more than 3 days a week at the norm. Sometimes it was 4 but never 5.

If characters were on for a lot of days straight it was a record setting thing and made the magazines.

Now characters are on almost 31 days a month at times and some with almost every episode in the month or they don't miss it by much.

So I can't answer that any of them are my faves. They once were but the writers ruined that.
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