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Aug 3 2007, 07:51 PM
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Aug 3 2007, 07:26 PM
^ I totally understand that.  Has there ever been a time when you enjoyed a heavily featured character?  For example, I remember seeing Marlena just about everyday in JER's first run and occasionally in his second run.

that what i like about hogan sheffer, he knows that Marlena is played out and refuses to put her own screen 24/7, he knows that she was on everyday most of the time and had frontburner major storys all the time.

now with sami, its Ali's turn to shine in the Major story, no offense to Deidre but she had lots of frontburner major storys and Ali only been in the secondary frontburner storys. Its ali turn to shine just like Deidre and Kristian has. Everything been about Sami since Feb of this year and probaly next year everything will be about Chelsea.

When everything is about Chelsea is when i won't be watching Days. And waht's all this talk of Sami suddenly being on everyday? I don't remember a time when Sami WASN'T front and center.

i didn't mean that sami was on everyday, i ment was she was never in the MAJOR MAJOR story like Deidre and Kristian has always been, Ali was always in the secondary frontburner Story.

Why would you quite watching if Days is nothin but Chelsea, i would love it. It could happen next year, days likes to focus everything on a certain female every year.

they could have her get pregnant and have some complication with the pregnancy, it can be a high risk pregnancy and nick and chelsea has to make a decision together, they keep the baby but something goes horribly wrong.
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