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Monday, August 6
Colleen tends to Santo's wound, which leads to a kiss; Sami vehemently declares that she and Lucas are meant to be together; Kate asks Stefano for money; Tony tells the Bradys that Bart swallowed the key; Steve thinks he has lost his daughter for good.

Tuesday, August 7
Kate gives Chelsea the money from Nick, saying that it is from her; Kate confesses to unconscious Roman that she slept with Stefano; Celeste confronts Lexie; Jett confides in Abe; Nick quizzes Stephanie about Jeremy; Chelsea and Nick meet up at the pub.

Wednesday, August 8
Belle tells Shawn that she wants to go back to college to get a nursing degree; Philip shows Billie a photograph of a baby that he received with a note claiming it is his son; China Lee claims that she is Nick's wife; Abe asks Lexie for forgiveness.

Thursday, August 9
Lucas gets an urgent text message from his mother; Sami gets E.J. to help look for Lucas; Belle implores Shawn to tell her the truth about where he went on the Fourth of July; Bo, Hope, Marlena and John learn what Stefano's key unlocks.

Friday, August 10
Kayla finds out that an infant has been abandoned at University Hospital; Philip and Billie travel to Indianapolis to confront the woman who has been harassing him; Belle confesses to Shawn that she lied; Sami and E.J. rescue Lucas.
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