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Sexy Jew

Some people are gonna say "how could have like so and so" oh well this is the thread...

Lloyd Gold and Christopher Dunn- I lobster loved their tenure from 2001-2002. It actually got me watching GL again after Claire Labine's AWFUL tenure. I had quit when she started, so I was incredibly excited when they announced her replacement. Gold really made me a fan again by focusing on characters like Billy, Holly, and Buzz. I like the little triangle that was going on there. Wasn't he also the one that penned the Tori Granger story? I liked that one. I remember the two Bauer BBQ's that he wrote, one for 2001 and one for 2002, and I loved them both. The summer of 2001 was a good time for GL, I loved how the show focused on the Lewis vs Spaulding feud. I only believe that he messed up when he decided to do a sci-fi story on Reva traveling back in time. The ratings fell from around 4th-5th-6th place back to 8th place, what a disappointment! I really wouldn't be able to list all the good stuff I liked under him.

If you ask me alot of stuff got lost in translation when Taggart came aboard like the Lighthouse Gala and Claire Ramsey's sudden disappearnace from the canvas.

Dena Higley-There were alot of stuff that I enjoyed her on OLTL(I despised her tenure on DAYS, I utterly hated it!). Alot more stuff I enjoyed than hated. Todd's death by injection storyline, crazy Margaret Cochran, Tess and Nash. Higley made me addicted to OLTL again, and I never had been addicted to the show since Broderick and Whitesell left the show. It makes one wonder why the hell she never did the stuff she did on OLTL on DAYS.

I want everyone to know, that I still hate Megan McTavish's writing. It's a travesty to daytime. HOWEVER, there have been moments where she's gotten me excitted for the soap she's writing. Like when she first joined AMC in 2003. AMC was running on all cylinders from 2003-2004. Another example would be bits and pieces of her tenure on GH too. Bits and pieces. Finally I enjoyed just about 50% of her time on GL. I loved how she wrote for Dinah Marler. I loved that she tried to bring the show back to it's core by bringing back the Reardons. I loved how Springfield actually felt like a small town again with close knit family ties. Don't get me wrong though I will always hate what she did to GL, the Brent/Marion storyline was shameless...SHAMELESS! The way that man disposed of his victims could only come from the mind of Megan McTavish, JER not included.
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