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Jul 29 2007, 07:30 PM
Jul 27 2007, 12:32 AM
LOVED, LOVED tonight's eppy! Great character interaction, I'm am totally intrigued as to what's going on with both that new doctor and that mysterious hand.

So sad when the old lady died, :(

Me thinks that Billy Dee/Toussaint could be playing a bigger part to some already established characters.

Did NOT like seeing Liz on there. RH is beautiful and wonderful actress, I just can't stand the character right now.

and OMG with Dr. Kelly and her having the most sex on both NS and GH combined in the past couple of weeks, LOL. Looks like she's got some issues with that though~

Can't wait for next week's eppy, :)

Mateo, I'm seriously hooked on NS. I just watched Thursday's episode on SoapNet. I usually don't stay up late to watch it in the regular time period. I also love having Scrubs front and center. The rest of the cast is interesting and diverse. I like that each new episode seems to have a theme. I see lots of potential in it, good stuff! I want to know who and why the mystery hand killed sweet old lady Mrs. Storch. :unsure:


So glad to see a fellow NS watcher here. Sorry took so long to reply, but I've been having computer issues, grrr....arrrgh, LoL.

This past Thursday's eppy was pretty good too. Love the pacing of the show and how pretty much everyone has caught on to something strange going on in the hospital. I've got a hunch our little blond nurse(her name escapes me) may have something to do with it. Lala is a total red herring.

Thrilled Jason wasn't on the eppy, LoL.

Of course always glad to see Scrubs, they always deliever, IMO.

I'm liking both new doctors more as well. Felt bad for the one who Kelly slept with and then kicked to the curb, although she's clear got issues in this dept, LoL.

Ok, I like Spinelli, but c'mon, does he have to be in almost every scene????!!!

Loved the Epiphany stuff with Toussaint(sp?). Her and Stan are totally buyable as mother and son as well. I'm glad we get to see more of them.

At first I was really liking the story with Lainy and this war vet. Appreciated that they were tackling, at least in some respect, what it could be like for one of our brave men to come back and deal with all they went through. Of course Guza confuses the hell outta me with this character now. Not sure if I like him/or the story as much as I was hoping.
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