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Viewing Single Post From: OLTL: Previews wk 8-12 -- 8-17

Monday, August 13
Michael worries when he sees Blair holding Tommy; Dorian challenges Viki to a card game at the casino; Sarah hopes to get some money out of Asa.

Tuesday, August 14
Marcie questions John about Michael's personal struggles; Blair reaches out to Todd; Cole loses at strip poker.

Wednesday, August 15
Blair and Todd try to maintain simplicity in their relationship; Marcie realizes that John suspects her of killing Spencer.

Thursday, August 16
Nigel makes a shocking discovery; Alex Olanov returns to Llanview for a major character's funeral; Viki and Dorian are once again locked in a room together.

Friday, August 17
Clint and Bo lash out at one another; Cord tries to ease Sarah's guilt about not spending enough time with Asa.

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