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Aug 1 2007, 12:37 PM
As The World Turns
This one is unpopular too, esp. since I love Grayson McCouch but I want Brian Bloom back in the role of Dusty. He will always be Dusty to me.

Days of Our Lives
My choice here is tied. I want to see 2 recasts: First I want Trevor Donovan recast. My #1 choice would be Matthew Bomer or if they want to stick with the blonde god image get Bruce Michael Hall. Both are about the same age as Trevor (1 year older), both are hunks, and both can act better than Trevor.

The other person I want recast is Stephanie. I would love to see either Agnes Bruckner or Robyn Richards in the role.

All My Children
I will state who I feel is my #1 change here. I love Bobbie Eakes, but have always wanted Judi Evans in this role. I just feel that she would have been a better Krystal. And also I can just imagine her in scenes with David Canary, Michael Knight, and esp. with Vincent Irizarry. It would have been great, and magical. As I said I feel that Bobbie Eakes is wonderful, but just feel that Judi Evans would have been better.

One Life To Live
I don't like most of the characters on the show right now, so this one has been a hard one. The only big change that I can think of that should be made but should have been made long ago. And that is that Michael Easton should have been Todd instead of John. He should have been forced to take the role of Todd instead of getting a new character. I think the show would have been a lot better. I think I could have dealt with Easton as Todd - a character I know rather than the show being dominated by a character I care nothing for and don't know.

General Hospital
My number one choice right now would be to recast Kirsten Storms. My #1 choice right now would be Jessica Dunphy. She needs to be back in soaps. And I think she would be good as Maxie. My 2nd choice would be another ATWT former actress, Kristina Sisco.

I agree that Brian Bloom is the definitive "Dusty", but I think Grayson McCouch is a great re-cast. That said, if Brian Bloom wanted back on ATWT, I'd take him back!

I love your choices for a re-cast of Jeremy Horton on DAYS. Matt Bomer would be an excellent choice. I agree Robyn Richards would be a much better Stephanie Johnson (refresh my mind on who Agnes Bruckner is, remember seeing the name, can't picture her).

I think Kirsten Storms is doing fine as Maxie now. She fits the slutty bitch ho role just fine to me. She's (unfortantely) made Maxie her own now, although I used to want Robyn Richards back, Maxie's too ruined now IMHO for Robyn to return.

Bobbie Eakes is fine as Krystal IMHO, but I'd kill the ho bitch off instead of re-casting, LMFAO!

I think Michael Easton wouldn't be a good Todd. Trevor St. John is great in the role and I cannot picture anyone else playing Todd (not even originator Roger Howarth). Glad Howarth's staying on ATWT and Trevor on ONE LIFE!

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