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The Bold and the Beautiful
Rick Forrester - I have yet to warm up to Kyle Lowder as Rick. I think this is a huge miscast, and his talent and ability (singing) have ruined the character of Rick. I don't want to see Rick singing opera at Insomnia. I don't want to see Rick fawning over Phoebe 24/7. I want to see Rick back in the office, competing with Ridge like old times. I don't see Kyle Lowder as any match for Ronn Moss either. I think that Ronn overpowers him and that says a lot. Don't get me wrong, Lowder is a great young actor, and I loved him as Brady Black on DAYS. I just can't see him as Rick and don't think I ever could. As for my recast, I would choose Eric Winter. I think he's very believable as the son of Eric and Brooke. Winter resembles John McCook a lot, I think. Winter is a great actor as well. I know he was trying to get out of daytime, and did that stint on Brothers & Sisters, but I don't know if that's working out or not. If he ever chose to return to daytime, Rick Forrester is his role.

Days of our Lives
Stephanie Johnson - Shelley Henning has got to go. She's not Stephaine to me. Nothing against the actress, but she would have made a better Chelsea recast. I've said that since her first day in April, and I will continue to say that. She is not Stephanie. She is not the daughter of Steve and Kayla. She looks nothing like Mary Beth Evans or Stephen Nichols. As for the recast, I would bring back Shayna Rose. She just landed that role with me. I felt she had a great mother/daughter connection with Mary Beth. And I loved the fact that she wasn't your average daytime beauty. She was beautiful because of her uniqueness, something Ms. Henning is lacking. She's just another beauty pagent gone into daytime.
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