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Craig finally gets what he wants.


  • Lucinda feels confident that the board will circumvent Meg's take-over of Worldwide, but in the end, Meg wins them over, leaving a furious Lucinda to warn that Craig will change her before she even realizes it. Sure enough, Meg rips up the papers she wanted so hard to obtain shortly after her spat with Lucinda. Craig finally sees that he's getting to Meg and hopes to make her realize she needs him just like her needs her.

  • Rosanna wakes up and a very pleased Paul vows to make it all right.

  • Will and Gwen are shocked when they discover that Paul is alive. They urge Babs to tell Meg, but she refuses.

  • Kit (played by InTurn contestant Lauretta) sends Jack on a wild goose chase and right into a trap where Silas handcuffs Carly and Jack together and Kit tells J.J. they plan to get rid of Carly and Jack.

  • Dusty and Alison bond over Dusty's tales of love and life with Jennifer and Johnny.

  • Susan finds herself at the end of the old adage "You pay for your mistakes".

  • Noah and Luke find themselves in a very akward moment. Later, Noah shocks Maddie by asking her to go to Oakdale U. with him.

    Katie leaves Oakdale for a bit.[/b]
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