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Aug 1 2007, 06:09 PM
IA with you about Ron Moss. He's never been a strong actor and I have to believe he's been getting by on his looks all these years. I cringe whenever he has emotional scenes because he has a hard time pulling it off. He comes off stiff and laughable.

I'm probably the only one who disagrees, but Ronn Moss is B&B's best older actor this year. I think, as far as emotional range, he's got Jack Wagner beat. Wagner hasn't had a decent scene since he and Felicia(when played by Coleen Dion-Scotti) were on that boat trading catty barbs wanting to fuck each other.

Ronn has really stepped up his game. He was really good in the Shane trial storyline and in past scenes where Ridge's pride has been hurt, he does really, REALLY good work.

Remember when Brooke voted against Ridge to make Eric CEO Emeritus(I believe this was a 2004 storyline)? I remember that Ridge had this long scene about not quite feeling like Forrester since his paternity was revealed and that he felt like he didn't belong or something. He was really good in that scene.

But I also, personally, feel that Ronn Moss draws from his own ego to make Ridge work.

He's just proven himself to be a worthy lead in the past few months. A new leading lady will do that for you.

And to answer the question: I'd like to see Lily and Colleen recast on Y&R.

I'd also like to see Bridget recast on B&B. I've always felt like Ashley Jones was a major miscast in the role of Bridget. I could see Jones making a better Katie Logan than Bridget. But that's just my honest opinion.
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