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I'd pick something relatively different from everything else in daytime.

Having hardly ever seen any episodes or clips, I'd gladly welcome EDGE back with open arms as long as it continued to be the mystery soap it was designed to be. In the day and age of LAW AND ORDER, EDGE would be a perfect show to do "telenovela"-style mysteries...the case wraps up in 13 weeks.

Runners Up: SPYDER GAMES, THE CITY, PC(as it left us in December 2000 and not as it left us in October 2003).

Daytime needs something different. A soap with a different premise that isn't so homogenized with everything else. B&B's got fashion going for it.

I didn't pick the usual suspects(like AW, SB, BEACH, etc.) because I think the setting stood out more than the premise or people's jobs.
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