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Last Week on ATWT: J.J. learns Ava and Silas intend to keep him, and Silas tells J.J. he's going to have a new name and family. Holden is shocked to find Craig with Meg. Meg is defensive regarding Craig's presence, and she talks about her confused feelings. Craig informs Meg he's still in love with her and wants to start a family. Craig accepts that Meg still loves Paul, but he tries to get Meg to accept that Paul is dead. Barbara wills Paul to wake up, as Paul dreams of Rosanna. Paul comes to, and Barbara is displeased when Paul expresses eagerness to go home to Meg. Barbara reveals that Meg and Craig are together. Paul insists he's not coming home and doesn't want anyone to know that he is still alive. Henry tells Vienna that their insurance wasn't valid and they've lost all the money they invested in the building. When Noah questions Luke's distance, he admits he's got feelings for Noah. Noah reacts to Luke's revelation that he's attracted to him and says he's not gay. Ali smells alcohol on Susan's breath, and Susan covers. Susan tells Bob she was drinking.

SNEAK PEEK: J.J. tries to escape.

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Jon Cypher as Dr. Alex Keith; Judith McConnell as Valerie Conway; and I think that is Suzanne Davidson as Betsy Stewart but it could be the girl that Alex and Valerie adopted. I didn't write names down with teh picture when I saved it years ago.
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