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Last Week on GH: Ric paints Jason as a cold-blooded killer in his opening statement.
Elizabeth is forced to admit that she and Jason
slept together one night last August. Elizabeth lies when Ric asks if Jason is Jake's biological dad. Sam points out to Jason that Elizabeth could go to jail if the truth ever came out and it has effectively removed any chance Jason might have had to claim his son. Lucky turns his back on Elizabeth inside the courtroom. An emotional Elizabeth breaks down and sobs in Jason's arms. Lucky demands to know if Jake is really his son. Carly warns Sam that she'll make her pay for betraying Jason. Sonny realizes it would be a mistake to bring Kate into his life and ends their budding romance. A menacing Irina, who doesn't know the truth about her past with Jerry, is holding Jax captive. Irina plans on using Jax to get revenge on Jerry. Irina gets Jax to sleep with her. Spinelli is privately crushed when Lulu admits she'll never see him as more than a very special friend.

SNEAK PEEK: Sam's cruelty continues.

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Original stars and best friends Steve Hardy (John Beradino) & Jessie Brewer (Emily McLaughin)

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