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Viewing Single Post From: PSNS: Week of 8/6
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So, on today's DirecTV, I mean Passions....

Christ with a Snicker bar, could they have whored 'the move' any fucking harder?! We get it guys....you're moving on September 17th, ENOUGH ALREADY!!

Mmmmm, Miguel's haircut is very sexy.

I'ma say one positive thing about Skeve today....she has great hair! That done, I wonder where T.C. is while she creams in the supply room for Julian to freaking save her?!

Uh Theresa? The last thing you'd be saying is "Ughhhhhhhhhhhh!" if Sheridumbass really flipped the electric switch....your brain would resemble flan, and you'd be burnt to a crisp.

I think I love Pilar after she gave Shitty that right hook....if only the bitch would have hit her head against the bar and died.

Damn, but Galen is big....what is he, 6'3"? Whatever, he's a hot bowl of Daddy. Too bad there wasn't chipped ice around, with all the colors of the poison everyone could have had Sno-Cones.
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