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I see where most of you are coming from, but I'm not sure.

To me, spoilers are a symptom of the problem but not the cause. The issue is that no show has consistently put out quality product over a long period of time for quite awhile now, and without that there's no reason for viewers to just tune in (imho, of course).

And I include primetime shows in that, because I've started to read spoilers for those, too. I use detailed previews and spoilers to keep connected to shows I have affection for but am not always entertained by, and if things seem like they're turning around I'll go back to watching without knowing.

I know that sometimes things play out better on-screen, but that still doesn't matter for me. Every show is capable of a one-off quality episode. Doesn't mean I have to watch every day waiting for it when a show has turned out crap for several solid months.

I think that if the shows got consistent and solid again and then scaled back the spoilers, that would be a good idea. Until they're capable of that, though, I don't think spoilers have a greater negative impact than previous viewing experience.

And heck, they might as well guide viewers towards what they want to see. It might not be what watching serialized shows is about, but a lot of things are fragmenting that way and I think it's possible the ratings could even dip if people didn't know when what they were interested in seeing was going to happen. I know I'd have dropped Days entirely during the stupid neverending kidnapping crap without spoilers guiding me through a couple quality episodes (read: one in six months) towards some kind of finale.
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