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Aug 6 2007, 11:20 PM
Aug 6 2007, 10:56 PM
Aug 6 2007, 11:54 PM
See last week when it was mentioned by a poster that Pretty would take Beth's place as the show's female psycho, I pointed out that Sheridan was kind of fulfilling that role. Today, she proved it.

However, Beth would not have hesitated and felt guilty about killing Theresa.

WAit.. Sher sher felt guilty? Ick.. Still hate her!

Yeah, but it didn't stop her from doing it.

It looks like the demon elf storyline has been dropped or at least put on the backburner until the finale on NBC.

I wasn't aware the demon elf story was something that had more left to tell? Hmm...

Monday was perhaps the most emotional Passions episode in ages. Kudos to whoever wrote the execution scenes, especially the last scene. Very good for Passions. The music set the right mood and I loved how we saw Theresa and Gwen lying there while Luis flatlined. Emily, Eva, and Silvana broke my heart. I also thought GG wasn't that bad. He's been worse but it looked like he tried. Like seeing Roscoe Born too.

Loved the execution buildup, Rebecca and Ethan with the inmate, and the antics at Tabitha's. The DIRECTV thing is getting annoying now. It's time to think of something fresh because this has gotten old.

Eve's fantasy about Julian was nice and the Theresa/Sheridan scenes were ok. The actual electrocution part is fine and classic Passions (the power outage, Sheridan's hilarious lines, Gwen of all people saving Theresa by touching her, etc) but the writing for Sheridan is atrocious. There are days when she is simply Sheridan with an edge and days when she is Beth II only lacking in common sense. Today was the latter. All I could say at the end was DUH SHERIDAN!!! TELL EVERYONE IT WAS VINCENT INSTEAD OF STANDING THERE!!! Ugh. I still don't get why she was so stupid to think Vincent would do it anyway, especially when the execution is taking place. The only way to save Luis is for Vincent to turn himself in and he isn't going to do that so Sheridan got screwed. Not to mention, Sheridan has known for weeks who the blackmailer was. The writing for her has sucked all year and, while I enjoy her and MW is doing a good job, the writing is distracting. Another example....why on earth would Sheridan offer to be a mother to Theresa's kids? HELLO!!! ETHAN IS THEIR FATHER!! THEY DON'T NEED YOU SWOOPING IN TO RAISE THEM!! FIND YOUR OWN KID!! Ugh. It's all so frustrating.

Good start to the week though.
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