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I agree. This episode was good because it focused on different characters that have not been focused on all that much.

Chelsea/Kate is always entertaining. Loved them and Chelsea/Nick is back to being cute and lovable.

I like the buildup in tension in the Jeremy story. Nick setting things in motion and Jeremy's scenes with Steph were fantastic. Jeremy is losing control and this story is actually getting pretty good. I agree with you King about Shelley. She is great and I like how she has been given pretty good material lately.

Great seeing Abe again. JR looks good and I am so happy to have him back. One day back and he already has scenes with Jett. Too bad he wasn't around when he first turned up. Loved their scenes.

Lexie/Celeste was good too. I am glad they talked about Dimera history and how Lexie has been hiding since her return. RJ had some good material and as boring as Abe and Lexie are, RJ and JR always deliver. That ending with them coming face to face touched me. RJ's eyes welling with tears and JR's look of shock....perfect. Good ending there.

I am so happy for the last two days of Kate because it tells me Hogan is interested in keeping her on. He has fleshed her character out, which was needed after what happened in winter and spring. Finally she acknowledged her mistake in regards to Sami's rape and showed she isn't a one note bitch and I get the feeling they may be going back there with Kate/Roman. I like her mentioning him as her conscience too. My hope is if Hogan goes there that he doesn't make Kate lose her edge like Higley did. Good scenes though.

Solid show. Tomorrow looks quite good too.
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