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I've been hooked on PSNS for the past couple of months. This is my favorite soap behind B&B! I'm really going to miss it when it goes to DirecTV. I know someone who sells PSNS episodes, but I'm not sure if he'll have DirecTV.

I really hate Pretty already. She's a decent actress, but that scar is on the side of her fucking face. Besides, why would Luis care so much? It was obviously an accident and it's not a big scar. She's very lucky. This is a stupid story, IMO.

Could someone explain to me where Simone is? I've always loved this character, but she always gets the shaft. I want Simone in a frontburner storyline with a new love interest. Maybe if Brook Kerr leaves for the HBO show, they'll focus on Simone more. Eh, who am I kidding? They'll just recast Whitney!

Vincent is deliciously evil, as is Sheridan. I'm pulling for both characters and hope Vincent sticks around. I've always hated Sheridan and Mackenzie Westmore's "acting," but she's fun as the psycho.

LOVE Tabitha and Endora. How could I say otherwise? I wish they'd give her a new love interest and a real meaty story to handle. We always have her around, but she doesn't drive story like I want. The more supernatural the better.
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