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Aug 7 2007, 12:31 PM
Aug 7 2007, 03:23 AM
^Well, the demon elf was last shown at The Book Cafe when Sheridan tried killing Theresa. The next episode he was gone. He came to Harmony in order to possess people, but then...nothing was said about Kay or Endora getting rid of him.

Yeah. I remember the Demon Elf being upset and saying that he would be back to spread more evil. I guess they dropped it for the moment because of the focus on the execution story, which is understandable.

JSF...this is an episode you should try to watch on NBC.com. I know you said you had trouble viewing them online but this was a very emotional episode with some good comic moments that are classic Passions. I would try to find a way to watch this one if you can.

I'll watch it online -- and then I'll feel VERY guilty because I didn't record the original episode when it aired -- which means I can't have what EVERYONE agrees is a PHENOMENAL episode on DVD FOREVER. :( :(
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