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Aug 8 2007, 10:25 AM
How good of a lead-in do u guys think will Martha Stewart be?

It'll be just any other syndicated talk show. IN order for DAYS to be able to get any kind of good lead-in audience, it has to have other network daytime properties around it, supporting it. DAYS would prbably even have a better lead-in audience if they moved it to the timeslot after TODAY #4.

The show, now more than ever, desperately need the support of its fans and word of mouth, People have to know when they can tune into DAYS. If they don't the show(as we know it on NBC) is over.

I can so see NBC affiliates gradually dropping Days if this time switch isn't successful, which will effectively be the end of Days on NBC. They're playing with fire by switching the show's traditional time spot.

I've been saying this since the PASSIONS cancellation announcement and the Chicago timeswitch. NBC obviously has a death wish out ofr DAYS, no matter who is brought on to save the show. A lot of offline/non Digest-reading viewers rely on consistent timeslots to view their soaps. If it's not there anymore, they won't be either.

It would surprise me if any major market were interested in keeping DAYS past the 2008 Olympics. I could see them immediately switching to infomercials or double-plays of syndicated programming until their new syndicated shows premiere in the fall.

Not to mention this could mess up any chance of DAYS switching networks...or rather...switching networks as the DAYS we all know and love. Low ratings=low budget at the network switch.

I'm not the cancellation doomsday speaker, I swear to God I'm not, I just see the writing on the wall.

The BEST thing Corday/Scott/Kent can do is promote the hell out of DAYS on their own. Mall tours with DAYS cast members with giveaways(like T-Shirts, kisses, etc), touching about 15-20 cities in the country, basically advertising that DAYS is still on the air and needs your support.

Put an ad out in TV Guide and their own personal pimp tools SOW and SOD basically listing all the markets and what time DAYS airs on them.

This is sad, but not surprising!
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