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After all... tomorrow is another day!

The Abe-Lexie scenes today were the highlight of this ep for me, but they seemed too short and they were just kind of OK, not great.

What's up with Shawn trying to tell Belle not to get a job because he wants her to be the happy homemaker for Claire? This is such B.S. Did Shawn and Belle get sucked into the DOOL hole in the space-time continuum so now they're back in the 1950s with Colleen and Santo? Lucas pulled the same crap earlier this year with Sami wanting to keep her barefoot and pregnant at home and refusing to let Sami use her savings to help support their family after Mythic went under. Enough of the sexism crap. I didn't realize that Hogan giving the guys their penises back meant no longer allowing Salem men need to treat women as equals.

I am SO over Nick and Chelsea. What the hell is Chelsea talking about that Nick's lie was selfless and Jett's lie was selfish? All of Nick's lies were selfish in that they were either trying to cover his own ass or trying to make Chelsea like him. Jett's lies were him doing a job and trying to catch criminals. What Chelsea really means is that Nick's lies were to benefit HER not that they were selfless while Jett's lies had nothing to do with her. So sick of her self-absorption. Can't the new semester at Salem U. start up already so this crap can end?

The Phillie scenes were OK, but am I the only one that is like whoa wait a second when did these two make up? Wasn't Billie pissed at Phillip for working with EJ to use the Century Cell equipment to bug Bope's house last time we saw them together? I guess maybe they've had a scene or two since then but it's still sad that this is all they can come up with for Billie to do. I wish they would have Billie start Countess Wilhelmina back up and Anna and some others would go work there.
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