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Watched Monday and I really liked it. Not as much drama as last week, but I still liked the episode.

First of all, Lulu and Logan are amazing! Their little love story is so nice and it's really great to see it unfold...

Kate was hot when she came out of that pond all wet after she saved Morgan. I wonder what's up with her when she fainted. She CANNOT be pregnant already LOL

Carly/Jerry was kinda boring, but they weren't on a lot, so I survived.. :)

How can all those people defend Jason, the killer?! HOW?! I wonder what Emily would do if someone shot and killed Nikolas? Hmmm.. what if JASON killed Nikolas? Would she be all forgiving and supportive then?! I mean, my God! The man is a killer and everybody adores him?!

Loving Sam!

And finally... Lucky and Liz... oh my God! I couldn't believe Liz was lying to Lucky's face! After he kept asking the right questions! She had every opportunity to tell him everything NOW! But she didn't! What a liar! I am so disappointed in her. Becky was great, as was Greg, but I couldn't believe Liz. And right after, she runs off to see Jason, where they discuss her lies some more?! I want Elizabeth to die along with Jason...

I wish Lucky would get a clue and order a DNA test himself...
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