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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 7 2007, 11:39 PM
That ending today was CRAZY good. I LOVED the clock moving backward -- and then the music in the background?!!! Wow, you KNEW you weren't just watching another episode, you were watching a friggin' EVENT!!! I loved it!!! And how GENIUS was JER for foreshadowing that incredible moment with Endora's changing the time bomb?!! BRILLIANT writing, acting, direction, EVERYTHING!!!

I'm so glad Theresa didn't lie and say Gwen did it -- to protect Sheridan or some other nonsense that we've seen before on this show, lol. I don't think she would have, but I'm glad she said Sheridan did it -- AND that we know she's of sound mind and didn't just mumble "Sheridan." I thought she'd do that at first and that's how Sher-Sher would get off. But no, again GENIUS JER had Theresa say, step by step, EVERYTHING that Sheridan did, mentioning Sher's name over and over again! That is simply UNHEARD OF on this show. Talk about shocked!!!

Anyway, I hate to admit it but spoiler and promo free is SO the way to go. IT doesn't hurt, though, that the show is actually moving and is GREAT!

I don't read any spoilers for Passions and wow am I enjoying this soap SOOOOOOOOOOO much more than Days right now when I am able to watch it (the gay sex reveal got me watching occasionally again, I'm not going to lie). Like every scene I'm like whoa wtf? I didn't see THAT coming. And I was such a hard-core fan of Passions when it first came out I hate that I am starting to get hooked again right as it's about to go away to DirecTv to never again be seen by me. *sigh*

I LURVE Vincent grinning with the tape recorder so much right now.
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