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I too would like to see Belle go back to work at Bacic Black, Titan, or where ever else the writer wants her to go in the busines world, but she has chosen to go to school and I think it is great. She has been out of school for a while, has a child, engaged. More power to a nontraditional student. I loathe the fact that Shawn was against her going to school. If she had a late class and Shawn worked over then Claire would be with her grandparents or a sitter. Or the money. Has he never heard of studnent loans or parents actually wanting to pay for their child to go to schoool no matter their age. Stupid moron. Just because you want to work in a garage doesn't mean she should have to sit at home and stay with Claire. The woman wants to do something that will benefit her and her family. Get over it. *sorry had an issue there*

Billie and Philip were great together. When he was telling her to hurry up, she replied hold on there turbo. lmao. I am loving Billie and Philip working together, but I do think the whole security system was swept under the tug ans we are supposed to forget about it. It is too bad that Billie and Philip are siblings.

I think I am over Chick. They are boring me. I am very disappointed in the directin they have taken. But China Lee is hilarious. Giving Chelsea the "instruction manuel for getting maried'. :lol:

It was nice to see Lexie and Abe again. I thought for sure he would still be nagry with her but I guess her disappearance put a new perspective on his opinion of her. Just watch out Abe, make sure she doesn't get to close to Jett.
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