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Aug 8 2007, 07:40 PM
I have NO clue how Sher gets out of this! JER got me on this one.

I love that Ethan feels a little crazy, thinking he already saw Lu executed. :lol: I REALLY hope he and Pretty compare notes and realize it really did happen. That'd be wild!

Tabby, I'm sorry, was a VERY bad mother. I don't care if it's a crook. If he says a BOMB is in your house, and you're a PARENT?! You DON'T take that chance that he's lying.

Like with Sher, I see no way that Luis can get out of this one. :( How CAN he live?! Endora just postponed the inevitable. :(

Being spoiled, I know how Luis gets out of it. lol. But on the Sheridan matter, I'm not sure either. I guess, like she thought in today's episode, it's just her word against Theresa's....much like no other Crane is ever truely punished for their crimes.
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