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Steve Frame
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Okay all of you know how frustrated I am with the world of soap opera these days. My belief is always that you can either sit around and complain or you can try to do something about it. Dammit I love the soap opera genre too much to not say something.

I have alreayd been writing tons of letters esp. to the networks and production companies about AMC, Days, ATWT, GL, & Y&R - the 5 shows I feel the closest attachment to and the most frustrated with at this point. I know that most people only have 1 show they feel a personal attachment too but for me of the 9 on the air right now these 5 I have had a 30 plus year love affair with and feel so close to the characters (of course on Y&R Kay is the only one that I have history with for that long of a period). Even with AW which is my all time favorite, I can't say that I felt more attached to it than any of these other 5.

Okay as Sophia Petrillo does all the time - I digressed.

Okay back to doing something about it. I have decided to approach each of you with this thread and ask what each of you wish for the soaps today, and create a wish list. I then want to assemble this wish list and e-mail it to SOW, SOD and each of the networks - with the kindest regards from Daytime Royalty membership.

All I ask is I want this to be taken seriously. I know that we all have our faves but please try to refrain from your only wish being "more air time for Chelsea" or "more EJ" or "less Sami" or "more Willen" --- etc. you get the drift.

I want this to be taken seriously and not look like it is coming from a fan base.

Let's assemble a list of the things we want to see on all soaps or even one soap in general.

I will keep this post up and active until August 24th and then close it and create the list from all the responses.

I will start us off (you can continue numbering from mine if you would like). I know that many of you will include better writing and etc. so I am going to refrain from those at this point.

1) More multi-generational drama is my number one wish for soaps. I want to see the shows that have 3 or 4 generations of a family still represented on the show to use that. I want to see grandparents more involved in their grandchildren's lives and vice versa. To bring back classic relationships like Papa Hughes and his grandson, Tom, on As The World Turns.

2) Better balance is my 2nd biggest wish. I am talking about overall balance and not just less of this actor and actress. I would like to see a show have more focus on more characters and less of the trend of having one or two performers who dominate the episode counts as we see today. With that I want stories to feature all age groups. For far too long now the powers that be have been way too concerned and preoccupied with the target demo of 18-49 and giving that generation what they believe they want to see. If the shows would change this focus and quit worrying and catering to one demo and catered to all demographic viewers the show would have better demos in all categories and thus a better total household rating.

3) A wish that doesn't necessarily go along with soap production but I feel will help soaps in the long run. I want to see soap operas on DVD. DVD sets just like the ones the primetime series are doing. Each network and production company can work out deals to garner money for the show thus helping with the budgets.

4) I want the return of breif nudity to the soaps. NOt full blown nudity but brief nudity like the soaps did in the late 80's and early 90's. I see nothing wrong with slight nudity every now and then in a love scene or whatever.

5) I want a return of romance to soaps too. For many of the soaps today romance and sex are no longer part of the routine anymore. Love scenes on both Days of Our Lives and Young & the Restless have gotten very boring of late. Well they are non-existant on Days now. Young virgin Chelsea lost her virginity and it wasn't even shown at all. Belle & Shawn finally make love after years of fans waiting and it was a big letdown. Divorced couple Roman & Anna make love after many many years, and it is all took place off screen.

and my final one..........

6) Better writers. There is not one writer on any of the 9 shows right now that is deserving of the money he or she is being paid. I want a complete housecleaning. I don't necessarily want new blood but have no problem with others being given a chance. I would most like to see the return of many of the writers who know these shows and know how to write for them. Some of the current writers are okay but they are either not suited for the shows they are writing or they need some big time help. Both Hogan Sheffer and Lynn Latham are good writers but not on the shows they are currently writing for. They both need to go soon. David Kreizman and Brad Bell are both okay but they need help with their shows big time. I am glad to hear that Brad Bell is finally going to get help at B&B. The rest need to go now. They have been given a chance and they are failing at it big time. I am including Harmon & Brown at AMC and Carlivati on OLTL in that too for now, but am reserving full judgement to give them some time to win me over. So far they are not doing it.

Okay I will turn it over to all of you now. Please feel free to add any wish you would like to add.
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