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Steve Frame
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I agree with you px about fan fic and online soap writers being a lot more creative than any on the shows today. I would take any of the 4 writers on DR-TV and put them up against Brown/Esensten, Passanante, Bell, SHEFFER, Kreizman, Carlivati, Reilly, and Latham and the 4 would win hands down. I know that is bragging on myself some since I am one of the 4 but I don't care.

As far as fresh blood - the reason I am scared of asking for fresh blood is that with the way the network heads think these days - always trying to reinvent the wheel -they will get fresh blood who knows nothing about the genre. Give me fresh blood that knows what they are doing. Daytime struck gold a few times with Lemay and Slesar who were not soap opera writers but they have struck out too. Sheffer was good for awhile but it is clear the more and more he writers Days that he doesn't knwo how to write true soap opera. That is what makes the fan fic writers good is they know the show, they know the characters, and they know the genre. And most of all they respect it.

Give me fresh blood that can do that and I will say bring them on.
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