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Bo and Hope track down the journal that holds the secret to the Brady/DiMera feud this week on Days of Our Lives, only to have it confiscated by Andre.

"Bo and Hope are at a church in Ireland, looking for the tabernacle that fits (Stefano's) key," sets up Kristian Alfonso (Hope). "A young boy shows up and asks if they're the Bradys. He tells Bo and Hope to wait; the priest is on his way."

The boy exits, leaving his backpack behind. Bo picks it up, and finds a toy truck inside, 'and it's ticking,' recounts Alfonso. "So Bo runs outside to defuse it."

Inside, Hope unlocks the tabernacle and finds a leather folio. "The minute she does, Andre shows up and tries to grab it from her," says Alfonso. "Of course, Hope puts up a fight. She doesn't hand if over."

Bo returns just as Hope knocks Andre into a pew. "The timing is perfect," says Alfonso. Hope tosses the folio to Bo, but the next thing she knows, Andre is on his feet holding a knife to her throat."

Andre retrieves he folio and splits, as Bo races after him. Unfortunately, Bo returns empty-handed. "Bo and Hope decide not to let anyone know that Andre has the folio or that they ever saw it," notes Alfonso. "This folio's been hidden for many years. It holds something sacred -- the answer to ending the vendetta."

And now, Bo and Hope must race to get that answer before EJ does.
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