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Things heat up between Stephanie and her adoptive uncle this week. Though Max has even bigger things on his mind. "The whole week is going to be a little loony because Max feels like he's in a hard spot right now," previews his portrayer Darin Brooks.

First Jeremy finally comes clean and reveals that the side business he roped Max into is actually a smuggling operation. Max wants to go to the cops, but Jeremy says no. "Jeremy has a past with the police and one more thing on his record is not good," says Brooks. "He thinks Max has a get-out-of-jail-free card because of all of the cops in his family. So he's just worried about himself. Selfish, selfish, Jeremy."

Aboard the plane, Jett reveals he is an ISA agent. "It's the icing on the cake," sighs Brooks. Then a passenger harasses Stephanie which prompts Max to pummel him. Once in Vegas, Steph and Max get cozy in the hot tub. "I think he is starting to see that Stephanie is actually just a great girl and just caught up in the wrong people," says the actor. The two wind up in a steamy kiss which Chelsea spies.

So will the audience accept a Max/Steph hook-up this time around? "I think Shelley (Hennig, Stephanie) and I have some really great chemistry that I hope won't be too crazy for the fans," says Brooks. "Plus, it's Patch and Kayla's daughter and they kind of raised Max so there is a story there."
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