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1) More multi-generational drama is my number one wish for soaps. I want to see the shows that have 3 or 4 generations of a family still represented on the show to use that. I want to see grandparents more involved in their grandchildren's lives and vice versa. To bring back classic relationships like Papa Hughes and his grandson, Tom, on As The World Turns.

2) Better balance is my 2nd biggest wish. I am talking about overall balance and not just less of this actor and actress. I would like to see a show have more focus on more characters and less of the trend of having one or two performers who dominate the episode counts as we see today. With that I want stories to feature all age groups. For far too long now the powers that be have been way too concerned and preoccupied with the target demo of 18-49 and giving that generation what they believe they want to see. If the shows would change this focus and quit worrying and catering to one demo and catered to all demographic viewers the show would have better demos in all categories and thus a better total household rating.

3) A wish that doesn't necessarily go along with soap production but I feel will help soaps in the long run. I want to see soap operas on DVD. DVD sets just like the ones the primetime series are doing. Each network and production company can work out deals to garner money for the show thus helping with the budgets.

4) I want the return of breif nudity to the soaps. NOt full blown nudity but brief nudity like the soaps did in the late 80's and early 90's. I see nothing wrong with slight nudity every now and then in a love scene or whatever.

5) I want a return of romance to soaps too. For many of the soaps today romance and sex are no longer part of the routine anymore. Love scenes on both Days of Our Lives and Young & the Restless have gotten very boring of late. Well they are non-existant on Days now. Young virgin Chelsea lost her virginity and it wasn't even shown at all. Belle & Shawn finally make love after years of fans waiting and it was a big letdown. Divorced couple Roman & Anna make love after many many years, and it is all took place off screen.

1) Real diversity. Not just ethnic diversity, but people of different economic backgrounds as well. It might add a touch of realism to shows if they weren't dominated by wealthy families (or families that somehow have endless supplies of money), and it could inspire the writers to do something else with them other than the same tired plots. At the same time, I'm not necessarily looking for difference to become the dominant part of a storyline (meaning if they have a gay character, for example, that's just a part of who the person is, not the whole personality). Diversity is just a fact of my world, as it is for most people at this point, and it'd be nice to have that on screen.

2) I would love to see storylines with real, lasting consequences for the characters involved. One of my issues with Days right now is that everything passes within a couple of episodes. All soaps have notorious storylines where things are glossed over, undone, or rewritten in order to keep a certain actor around (cutting the evil out of Jonathan on AMC, for example). While I get that a certain amount of that is the nature and fun of the genre, and while I've enjoyed some of the outlandish stuff before, the lack of consequences and knowledge that everything can be undone is distancing me from my shows of choice. Bottom line, I don't feel like I should bother investing because nothing sticks.

Along with that- when there are no consequences the stories they like to write with characters in peril don't really work, unless I know an actor is leaving (and even then, they can undo any death). If they can't bring real, lasting consequences, I'd like them to find something else to rely on to ratchet up the tension, besides a hostage situation, bomb, kidnapping; etc. Knowing nobody will die, get permanently maimed, or go to jail for bad acts undermines that, anyway.

3) I wish writers would be more careful with the pacing of their storylines. I almost got into AMC, but the storyline I started watching (Bianca's rape and the murder of Michael Cambias) dragged out way too long. The feud storyline on Days has some of the most awkward pacing I've ever experienced, with the overall thing moving slowly and important events being rushed. It's hard to describe, like the parts are going faster than the whole. I don't have a solution or anything, but someone somewhere has to have figured out how to flow through a storyline nicely. I just haven't seen that.

Steve and px780: You hit it on the head for me!

I'd like to see a return to family traditions.What I am talking about,since I only watch CBS is Thanksgving and Christmas stories like the Bauers,Hughes and Snyder's used to have.Nowadays the holday's are basically ignored.
I remember the 4th of July celebrations where the Hughes would raise the flag and Pa made the speech. The tradition went to Chris then Bob.
Real funerals! The funeral tribute to Hal was a joke.

What I am talking about is realism in the soaps.

Soaps should let their producers,produce,their writer's write.
Sure there should be some supervision but a producer should have enough faith in their writer's vision to leave him alone. At least for the first six months.If the ratings aren't budging or falling then act.

No one should be Executive Producer ,Head Writer,Story editor at the same time.
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