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I don't know how to top your wishlist, especially since all of you have pretty much hit the nail on the head. But...

1) Better Actors. God, remember in the 90's when talent like Monti Sharp and Melissa Hayden ruled the world? Those two, if they tried to be cast on a soap today, would never get hired because they aren't models. I'm not saying that we shouldn't strive for pretty on soaps or that pretty people are incapable of being good actors, but if you have a large pool of talent to choose from, choose the better actor vs. the model!

The biggest problem with daytime is that we sacrifice looks for talent so often. Even if the story is good, it is butchered by the crappy acting on the show.

2) No more stunt casting that doesn't make sense!

With the exception of Tatum O'Neal(who just hit it out of the park almost everytime on MyNetworkTV's WICKED WICKED GAMES), stunt casting blows. What was to be gained by Patrick Duffy joining the show as Stephen Logan for a few weeks, when, probably for the same amount of money, you could have hired back the original portrayer for about six months or even better, recast with a handsome dashing daytime vet who needs work. Kale Browne would have a made a great, charasmatic Stephen Logan or John Forsythe could have added more depth to Stephen and a lot less "nice-guy" to what was needed for that character.

I'm still baffled over Joan Collins getting chosen to play Alexandra, and not even fulfilling the rest of her contract(and I bet anything he got paid for the full guarantee). I could think of a ton of actresses who would do a much better job than her or even Mommie Dearest herself, Marj Dusay.

3) Something New...

The biggest reason why daytime isn't progressing is because I don't feel like there's anything new to offer. This is very unpopular, but I'd love to see a soap cancelled for a new soap. In this day and age(where even MyNetworkTV couldn't get a fair chance), it's highly unlikely to happen.

4) Hire people who WANT to write soaps!

PLEASE DO THIS! Our genre is so passionless with the same hack writers going from soap to soap promoting same agenda that the Network Execs want to promote.

I remember reading on another board people asking who outside the genre would make a fantastic Head-Writer. And one 'novelist,' E. Lynn Harris, came up in conversation. And the thought of him having anything to do with soaps not only makes me sick, but worried. I've met the guy, took classes from him at the UofA and the guy openly HATES soaps, not to mention he'd probably make half of the cast of his show bi and start speaking in Ebonics. He is just not someone who needs to be looked at or approached about daytime.

I know, I know, I know...you're gonna tell me Harding Lemay was a novelist and all the people who were novelist who wrote for soaps. Quite frankly, we're in a different climate these days. People outside of the fanbases, the boards, and the industry cringe when hearing 'soap opera.' They feel like its a 'step down.' And I don't want anyone in daytime who considers soaps a 'step down.' If you don't want to write for daytime, get the fuck out and give your spot to someone who wants to write for soaps!

4) If you're gonna make a soap opera channel, please make it for DAYTIME soap fans!

I guess that is my wishlist.
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