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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK I may post more on the rest of the episode later, but I have to start off just on the EJ/Sami/Lucas portion... WTF?!?!

Obviously I found these scenes pretty obnoxious as an EJ fan who had wanted a lasting and real redemption for the character and to see the trust between Sami and EJ rebuilt, but more than that this episode annoyed me as a general "Days of our Lives" fan.

When did Days get campy again? Wasn't Hogan trying to move away from that? Because I'm sorry if I couldn't help giggling throughout the ridiculousness of this episode with EJ slowly popping up from behind the box, the slow-motion lurking around the meat slabs to find the hideous Kate doll, Lucas being so stupid he sticks the knife in the wire and electrocutes himself before the awkward sizzle as he falls to the floor (if he was so cold why didn't he borrow some clothes from the Kate doll?), the silly fantasy sequences and the close up on Lucas's hand at the end... OMG!!!! SO STUPID.

Yet while from an immediate chuckle standpoint these scenes provided me with a laugh at how bad they were, they also really brought forth a lot of longheld frustrations I've had with this show that I frankly just don't know if I'll ever see going away as long as Hogan Sheffer holds the pen at Days.

Quit jerking the viewers around already! If Lumi is your couple, don't show EJ and Sami in bed together in a much more romantic setting than Lucas and Sami got for their honeymoon and don't hint at EJ and Sami being fated together in the dialogue and don't create romances featuring lookalike ancestors of EJ and Sami. If EJami is your couple, then don't undermine all the redemption and goodwill EJ built up all the past few months to have him NOW OF ALL TIMES finally get around to putting Lucas on ice because I'm pretty sure you're all set in obstacles when it comes to this couple as far as the whole DiMera thing and her accusing him of rape goes. Just grow some balls and get some convictions and stick with it already because you've clearly demonstrated Sheffer you don't know how to write a real love triangle, only a love pingpong table. If you write a good enough story the viewers will keep watching and if you don't have enough confidence in your abilities to keep all of the viewers watching even when their favorites are backburnered or in situations they don't like, then you have no business writing this show.

Honestly, has there ever been a worse love triangle than EJami/Lumi on Days? I just don't get what Sheffer thinks he's going to accomplish with this crap. It doesn't make me dislike EJ or feel sorry for Lucas if that's what he's hoping to do with this episode because the plot is too ridiculous and disjointed to have any emotional impact, and if he thinks this is how I want to see EJ win over Sami's heart then he's sorely mistakened on that account. Once again we have EJ desperately scheming underhandedly to try to become a part of Sami's life and we have Lucas once again as the emasculated and helpless doofus in distress and we have Sami, a once strong and shrewd and street smart character, stuck as a watered down and weepy victim yet again. Does anyone want to see this? I'm curious if this can even be truly an enjoyable episode from a Lumi fan standpoint when your guy is lying there unconscious and Sami has to save him again? I mean, yeah, you may get to gloat for now about the TRUE nature of EJ but I can't help but think you want a little more for your couple's storyline than this rehash of Sami and EJ needed for Lucas's rescue for the THIRD time by my count (besides Dec. 29 there was also the fire at his and Carrie's apt. that EJ and Sami rescued Lucas from). This thing is just going in circles and needs to move forward already.

And the most sad thing of all is that this stupid plot point has apparently been in the works for quite a while as Lucas foreshadowed it all in what seemed to be a throwaway line in the episode a month ago when the first of the Colleen and Santo letters arrived.


"I know," says Lucas, "Your neighbor could be a really nice person and the next thing you know he's got a freezer full of people-pops chillin."

Simply dreadful.
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