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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Other thoughts about this episode...

I did like the Sami/Roman scenes today quite a bit. This storyline really has let JT shine as much as any I can remember during his time on Days. I liked Sami's feistiness and I'm curious about the recurring theme of Sami dead set on evening the score as well as Roman's cryptic comments about Sami becoming a DiMera if she acts on her violent impulses.

The John and Marlena scene with Belle was good. That was a good family moment today I thought. As was Bo and Hope with Roman.

Thanks to Peter Reckell for being such a trooper being back with his injury and I'm excited to see what's in store for Bo and Hope in Ireland, although it did amuse me that not only was everyone wearing the same clothes they were wearing in the rest of the episode in EJ's fantasy this time but also Bo had his arm in a sling. How would EJ's subconscious know about the injury?

Shawn is still full of crap lying to Belle about how confused he was and how he needed to catch his breath because as soon as he found out he was Claire's father they were on the run. Um no, Shawn, actually as soon as you found out you were Claire's father your first act was to decide to shack up with a sociopathic hooker rather than be with your daughter and supposed soul mate... which makes his sanctimony over Lauren talking about leaving her son even more laughably hypocritcal. But yay for them finally bringing Lauren back, I guess. I like her so far. This show needs more beeyotches, even if she and China Lee aren't likely going to be permament fixtures in Salem.
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