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Aug 9 2007, 06:21 PM
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Aug 9 2007, 11:55 AM
I am shocked.  Hogan was so adamant.  I am going to wait and see because this very well be Corday pushing this because Max there is really no one else for Max in that age group or maybe this is setting a story up.  Darin was very open about everything and it seemed like they were going to be more then friends.

Max dating his nieces never bothered me really but I think it's taking the easy way out.  I know Max/Chelsea actually had a pretty solid fanbase so I guess it just depends on the person.  We'll see but I hope this is nothing but a flirtation or a story point.

I tried to tell you Hogan LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING and HAS NO CONVICTIONS so his previous comments wouldn't stop him from going there with Max and Stephanie! I saw this coming from a mile away once Max got pulled into the Touch the Sky storyline. Heck even the first day on the beach that Jeremy and Jett were introduced I'm pretty sure we got a glimpse of Max looking enviously at Jeremy with Stephanie.

Now that little bit of I told you so out of the way... I am just kind of meh to this. I hated Max with Stephanie before but that's because I didn't like Shayna Rose until like her last two weeks on the show and I didn't think she and Darin had good chemistry. I prefer Abby with Max, but with her gone and Jeremy being such a tool I can potentially enjoy Stephanie with Max if it it makes her less of a brat.

And while I do think this is kind of too close for comfort even with the whole adoptive thing I simply don't care enough about the characters of Stephanie and Max to give all that much thought to whether their romance would be incestuous.

We really don't know how far this will go nor do we know if it's Hogan's doing so I am not ready to eat crow yet. Hogan does not lie about everything but I am not going to get into another in defense of Hogan post, especially on this board.

To me, this has Corday or Wyman written all over it. I would think ES would put the kibosh on this anyway so it's a moot point.

It may be nothing more then a flirtation. We'll see.

Fair enough. I don't know for sure it's Hogan's doing and I concede it could be Corday or Wyman's handiwork. It doesn't change the fact that it still shows this show seems to lack convictions and you can't really trust anything TPTB say in print because there doesn't seem to be a cohesive vision that you can count on the show to stick to.

Also, I'm just curious what makes you think that Ed Scott would shut this down? Is there a similar instance at Y and R that you can point to or just a hunch or what because I'm just thinking about how I thought I read that Y and R was toying with a Devon-Lily pairing?

They should just write Max off. Darrin rocks, but Max is pointless. He has had no good storylines from day one, and he's been backburnered and wasted. Just put him out of his misery and write him off.

ICAM, King.

Come on Vegas plane crash. And if they're gonna kill him off soon then full steam incest ahead so we can get the extra dramatic impact when Max dies in Stephanie's arms.

I would also be up for him being a victim of another Andre serial killing spree if they wanted to go that route.

Exactly IMA. In regards to ES, he just won't go for that kind of thing. I can see it bothering him. He isn't the type of guy to let that slide and, if he has as much power as believed, if this turns into a full fledged thing he will end it ASAP.

Ridge...Hogan has delivered on quite a bit, especially early on before January. I am not blaming everything on Corday. I love the show and Hogan but if you read some of my posts I acknowledge that Hogan has made some mistakes this summer. I just know Corday and Wyman and I can tell which things are right up their alley. I doubt his job is on the line and Hogan already spoke in June about how his hands were tied over the winter. If his job is on the line, that is unfair since Corday and NBC basically fucked him over on everything.
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