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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 9 2007, 04:16 PM
I understand King. The characters are there and the faces are the same on many of them but what is being show is so unfamiliar and does not seem like Days.

It is a concept that not only you but MANY Days fans are feeling. Even though some can't see it - it is there.

IMO a lot of it has to do with Hogan writing characters to fit his plots rather than writing plots to fit his characters so even if the faces are the same you're constantly going ummmmmmmmmmmm he wouldn't do that or she wouldn't say that. And it's not just like he changed the characters immediately when he started but he's changing them episode to episode and storyline to storyline to suit his purposes so you can't ever trust there will be any emotional payoff or there is any point to the things he has them doing other than the melodrama of that particular moment.

Just think of all the characters he's fucked with, both for good or bad, but mostly bad in not even a year of his work showing up on screen.

-Sami has gone from self-destructive selfish schemer Brady black sheep to weepy and emotional doormat/wannabe savior of her family.
-Chelsea has gone from self-destructive selfish schemer to bratty and boring user of men.
-Stephanie has gone from cynical yet soulful girl with daddy's issues to bratty, pathetic slut with daddy's issues.
-EJ has gone from dashing race car driver man of mystery to cartoony megavillain business tycoon to some Superman-Lancelot hybrid to ???
-Kate has gone from the baddest bitch in Salem to Stefano's whore.
-Stefano has gone from a man obsessed with Marlena and his children to a child abuser who never thinks of his queen of the night ever.
-20 years of Tony history were wiped away to be pinned on Andre.
-Lucas has gone from proud mama's boy with an attitude to clueless idiot pussywhipped by Sami.
-Phillip has gone from noble war hero/husband to psycho childstealer with roid rage to dreamboat rich boy.
-Steve has gone from amnesiac to psycho assassin to clown to good family guy.

Yeah it's just giving me a headache to think about all of them so I'm just gonna stop here even though I know there's more.
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