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Good point nassaunew. Makes you wonder...

Today was just great. Fast paced and full of drama. I am glad they revealed so much about Vincent to everyone and Cathy Doe was great as Simone. Good to see her back. Also loved Pilar slapping Julian and him and Eve getting lashed out at by everyone is great because it shows that this story will have major impact. The mentions of Grace felt like possible setup for her return but who knows. This felt like a classic JER payoff. This IS a payoff and this is the best payoff in years for Passions. Luis/Fancy were so adorable at the end and Theresa letting Sheridan off the hook was understandable considering all Theresa did to land Ethan but I still rolled my eyes.

The Pretty stuff sucks. The actress is good but the story eh...

The Fr. Lonigan stuff was a good way of foreshadowing things to come.

All in all, a great show. Passions is definitely going out on top of it's game.
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