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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 9 2007, 10:06 PM
Steve is hurt when Kayla asks Hope to watch Pocket instead of him; Nick is stuck with China Lee's kids when she is arrested.

Chelsea suggests that Nick put China Lee's kids in foster care; Jenna takes revenge on Max.

Belle tells Shawn that Philip is not interested in her; Bo, Hope, Marlena, Doug and Julie gather to read a new batch of translated letters.

Sister Anne tries to expose Colleen's secret affair with Father Mallory; Tony tells EJ that Stefano has been brought to the hospital.

I still can't believe they named the baby Pocket as it still reminds me of Michael Jackson's Blanket every time I see it in a spoiler.

How obnoxious is it that Nick is getting used and abused by a woman again. It's pretty sad when they have to start adding short-term characters to the show to use him because all the ones in Salem already have apparently.

Looks like Belle is in denial about Phillip. yawn. pick up the pace with this triangle already.

The exposing of Colleen's affair one I think must just be a typo or worded poorly.

It could mean Sister Anne works with Father Mallory to expose Colleen's affair. Or I suppose Sister Anne could think Colleen is sleeping with Father Mallory when it's really Santo.

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